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There are over ninety members of staff working for Planning Services in the different sections, over three areas: Carmarthen, Llanelli and Llandeilo. Office locations are numbered 1-5, and are displayed for each member of staff to show where they are based.

Area Office No 1
Planning Services
8 Spilman Street
SA31 1JY

Area Office No 2
Planning Services
Ty Elwyn
SA15 3AP

Area Office No 3
Planning Services
Civic Offices
Crescent Road
SA19 6HW

Area Office No 4
Building Control
Building 16
St David’s Park
SA31 3HB

Area Office No 5
Tywi Centre
Canolfan Tywi Centre
Dinefwr Farm
SA19 6RT

} Head of Planning, Support & Information Management 
} Planning Applications, Enforcement and Appeals (Development Management)
} Building Control (building regulation applications, completion certificates, site inspections, dangerous structures)
} Conservation & Countryside (listed buildings, trees, conservation areas, biodiversity, Coed Cymru)
} Tywi Centre (heritage training, traditional skills)
} Minerals & Waste (minerals planning policy, waste, quarries, opencast sites)
} Forward Planning (development plans, policies, LDP, UDP)

Head of Planning, Support & Information Management

email: planning@carmarthenshire.gov.uk

Name       TelephoneJob TitleNo
Eifion Bowen 01267 228918 Head of Planning 1
Emily Dent 01558 825314Information Management Officer 3
Nia Stoakes 01267 228909 Divisional Support Officer 1
Rhian Davies 01267 228679 Support Assistant 1

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Planning Applications and Enforcement (Development Management)

General planning enquiries

Tel: 01267 242450 (Carmarthen)  -  Tel: 01558 825275 (Llandeilo)  -  Tel: 01554 742337 (Llanelli)

Email: planning@carmarthenshire.gov.uk

Registration of planning applications and Searches

For enquiries relating to planning application registration, submissions, additional information for invalid applications:
Tel: 01558 825285  -  Email: planningregistrations@carmarthenshire.gov.uk 

To book a personal search, request historic site information and decision notices:
Tel: 01558 825285  -  Email: planningsearches@carmarthenshire.gov.uk 
To comment on a planning application

Email: planningconsultations@carmarthenshire.gov.uk 

Tel: 01267 242454
Email: planning.enforcement@carmarthenshire.gov.uk  

Planning and Enforcement Appeals
Tel: 01267 228620
Email: planningappeals@carmarthenshire.gov.uk 


Building Control

Email: building.control@carmarthenshire.gov.uk (general enquiries)
Email: buildingcontrolsearches@carmarthenshire.gov.uk (to book a personal search, request historic site information and completion notices), or email the individual officer:-

Name TelephoneJob TitleNo
Clive Evans 01267 246009
07880 504341
Building Control Surveyor  4
Eifion Jones01558 825302
07733 102339
Building Control Surveyor  3
Irfon Jones 01267 246005
07733 102335
Principal Building Control Surveyor 4
Michael Fussell 01267 246007
07771 717462
Senior Building Control Surveyor 4
Paul Reed 01267 246011
07768 536682
Building Control Surveyor  4
Robert Forsyth 01554 742108
07919 592713
Building Control Surveyor  2
Stephen Butler01558 825393
07919 592714
Building Control Surveyor  3
Steve Pound01554 742237
07733 102341
Principal Building Control Surveyor 2
Tony Williams 01267 246006
07733 102334
Senior Building Control Surveyor  4
Heather Thomas

01267 246002

Administrative Co-ordinator  4
Eleri Davies01267 246013Administrative Support Assistant  4
Nia Tommason01267 246012Data Support Officer 3&4
Nina McKibbin01267 246014Administrative Support Assistant  4
Susan Williams01267 246015Administrative Support Assistant  4

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Conservation and Countryside

email: conservation@carmarthenshire.gov.uk

Name       TelephoneJob TitleNo
Rosie Carmichael01267 228727Conservation Manager 1
Amanda Evans01554 742637 Conservation Project Officer (Marsh Fritillary)
Andrew Paterson01554 742234Common Land Officer 2
Gus Hellier01558 825303Coed Cymru Officer 3
Heather Tiley01267 228905Project Support Officer 1
Isabel Macho01558 825390Biodiversity Officer 3
James Yeandle01558 825328Building Conservation Officer 3
Mat Ridley01558 825308Coed Cymru Officer 3
Stephen Edwards01267 228689Arboriculture Officer 1
Steve Welchman01267 228951Landscape Officer 1

Tywi Centre

Telephone: 01558 824271 ~ Email: post@tywiafonyroesoedd.org.uk


Job Title


Nell Hellier

Tywi Centre Manager


Angela James

Project Monitoring Assistant (Foundations in Heritage Bursary Scheme and Building our Heritage)


Anna Hobbs

Landscape & Biodiversity Grant Officer (Carmarthenshire Landscape & Heritage Grants  Scheme)


Helena Burke

Bursary Officer (Building our Heritage Bursary Scheme)


Emyr Price

Cultural Heritage Grant Officer (Carmarthenshire Landscape & Heritage Grants Scheme)


Ruth Rees

Project Monitoring Assistant (Carmarthenshire Landscape & Heritage Grants Scheme)


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Minerals & Waste 

email: planning.enforcement@carmarthenshire.gov.uk 

Name       TelephoneJob TitleNo
Hugh Towns01558 825373Minerals / Waste Planning Officer 3
Jonathan Lewis01558 825313Planning Enforcement Officer 3
Keith James01558 825345Planning Enforcement Officer 3
Laura Dagless01558 825391Minerals & Waste Monitoring Officer 3
Melanie Morris01558 825353Minerals Support Officer 3
Thomas Boothroyd01558 825369Planning Assistant 3

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Forward Planning (development plans & policies)

Telephone: 01267 228818
email: forward.planning@carmarthenshire.gov.uk or planning@carmarthenshire.gov.uk

Name       Job TitleNo
Ian LlewelynForward Planning Manager 1
Bethan LoveringForward Planning Officer 1
Dorian JonesGraphic Design & Technical Support Officer 1
Dylan JonesTechnical Assistant 1
Kris WilliamsTechnical Assistant 1
Neil BatemanForward Planning Officer 1
Owain EnochForward Planning Officer 1
Rachel BowenContributions Officer 1
Simon ClementForward Planning Officer 1

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