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Chapel or Church Renovations

"The historic environment is a key part of the heritage and traditions of Wales." CADW

Wales has many unused and abandoned Church Buildings. Darkin Architects have the experience and know-how to help you renovate these buildings whilst carefully respecting their historic identity, whether a Listed Building or not.

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Salem Chapel Listed Building Extension

Ebenezer Chapel Llanelli Elevation
Caersalem Chapel Llanelli Part Elevation
Top Tips for a Successful Chapel or Church Renovation
  1. Find out if the building is Listed
  2. Find out the established use, the local planning department may be able to help you. Alternatively, a council tax or business rates bill might be a clue
  3. Contact the previous owner if you can and see what they know
  4. Speak to the local diocese or equivalent organisation
  5. Consult with an archaeologist - there may be remains under the floor or in the grounds
  6. Are you eligible for funding? You may be able to get a grant for some of the cost of the renovation.
  7. Contact Darkin Architects for expert advice