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RH334 Lon Y Maes

Function  Company  Contact Person  Email Address  Phone  Ref
 Client  Mr & Mrs Beer  Chris Beer      
 Architect  Darkin Architects  Andronikos Vassiliades  david@darkinarchitects.com  01554 778 730  RH334
 Structural Engineer  HCE Limited  Ioan Howells  ioanhowells@hcelimited.com  01792 805 010  1180
 Contractor  TBC  TBC      
 Planning Officer  n/a        
 Building Control Officer  Carmarthenshire County Council  Steve Pound  spound@carmarthenshire.gov.uk  01554 742 237

Tender Instructions are included in the document 'RH334_6-4_ITT_InvitationToTender'
Tenders are only being accepted by invitation. If you have not received an email inviting you to tender, then please do not submit a tender as it will not be considered.

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