Environment Policy

David Darkin specialised in environmental sustainability at university. As such, environmental sustainability is a key aspect of Darkin Architects, both in the way we run our business and through our designs.

We are committed to:

  • Complying with all applicable environmental legislation and other applicable requirements
  • Promoting Environmentally Sustainable design to our clients
  • Preventing pollution and minimising the extent of environmental damage occurring as a result of our operations and activities
  • Continuously improving our environmental performance
  • Embracing an environmental stance which marries environmental and business sustainability

These endeavours are achieved through:

  • Utilising Environmental Design Check forms for each project
  • Tracking Environmental Design Compliance for each project
  • Identifying targets to reduce negative environmental impacts from:
    • Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases produced as a result of our activities
    • Waste we produce and how it is managed
    • Local pollution we risk causing
  • Implementation of a paperless office
  • Encouraging our clients to work in a paperless way
  • Targeting greater efficiencies in electricity and road fuel consumption

Green Champion:
Darkin Architects will have a Green Champion to implement green initiatives.  The Green Champion is presently Tom Philips.

So that this policy is implemented:

  • We will maintain a formal environmental management system
  • Work towards external certification to ISO:14001
  • David Darkin, the business owner has responsibility for ensuring that this policy is implemented


09 June 2019

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