Inspection & Certification

What do we do?

  • Visit the property at appropriate periods from commencement to construction
  • Exercise reasonable skill and care to check generally: -
    • Progress
    • Use of materials
    • Conformity with construction drawings, specifications and building regulations

What does that get you?

Certificates in line with Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) template

What do we charge?

Our fees are calculated dependant on the size and complexity of the development with a fixed fee per inspection. Dispersements such as travel and printing are additional.

What if I take a long time to build?

Our fees are re-calculated annually to account for changes to market forces such as interest rates. If we

do not make an inspection in a 24 month period, then we will deem our services to be no longer required, archive your project and not continue inspection services. You will be appropriately notified if we intend to do so, to allow you sufficient time to arrange an inspection, should you wish to retain our services.

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