Feasibility Studies

What is a feasibility study?

This is the first stage of a project, RIBA Stage 0. This is rarely undertaken for domestic projects. A feasibility study is undertaken where a project is complicated or of a significant size. Furthermore, they can be carried out where the project is controversial or there is scepticism about how realistic the project may be to achieve.


  • Establish options
  • Identify viability
  • Develop brief
  • Business plans

Principally, the purpose of a feasibility study is to limit the upfront costs to a developer before committing fully to undertaking the project.

Consultations / Report

The feasibility may require consulting with statutory authorities e.g. planning or building regulations as well as potentially a public consultation. The study may also require the acquisition of reports, such as environmental studies.


Our costs will vary depending on the extent and number of feasibility studies required. Our initial consultation is at no expense to the customer, so why not get in touch for an initial conversation?

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