Developer Services

As well as our design experience, we have developed working methods to help developers more easily manage multiple projects, reduce errors and manage the flow of information. 


Our project portal keeps all your project documents safe in one place, drawings, reports, permissions, whatever you'd like to store and share. This way, you know your design team and contractors/trades are all working to the correct information. Each page also has the contact information for each project, meaning that you don't have to remember who the planner/engineer/QS etc is for each project. If you want privacy, you can password protect the pages. 


Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a collaborative way of working. What it means for you is that we produce our drawings in 3D, meaning that plans line up, contradictions between drawings are eliminated and 3D views can be generated from any room or any angle. This saves time and money and can help sell off plan.


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