0: Strategic Definition

Following on from my article summarising the RIBA Plan of Works, I will be writing a series of articles going into more detail on each stage to help people better understand the process by which architects work. This article covers the first stage - 0: Strategic Definition. 

The starting point of the client-architect relationship.

We explain our role, what the client can expect and gain our brief for the works and on larger projects, this stage can include feasibility assessments.

Reality Check.

On commercial projects we may identify our client's Business Case, on smaller projects we check if in principal the project is achievable. Matching expectation and reality is critical e.g. if Mr & Mrs Bloggs' extension would cost roughly £50k and they've only got £20k, then we know we need to cut our cloth before we even begin. This 'reality check' is part of the briefing process, allowing us to match the client's desires with what can be achieved.

Who and When.

We assemble the right team both within our studio, and with external consultants such as structural engineers, ecologists etc, depending on what we need, along with a timescale for delivery.

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