Better Value by Extending Your Home

Is your home feeling a little bit cramped? Perhaps you've run out of storage, or the kids need a bigger bedroom. You may be looking to move to a bigger home, but is that the best option? Today, I'd like to talk about better value by extending your home, rather than moving.

Location, Location, Location

Firstly, do you like the area where you live? If the answer is no, then I won't argue with you and can recommend a good estate agent! If, however, you've found that ideal spot that's got great schools, close to family (or far away from them!) or whatever other reason, then why look further. Finding the ideal location is the hard bit, so why rehash that struggle! 


Google "most stressful life events" and you'll find a myriad of articles where moving home features in at least the top 10 most stressful life events, if not a prominent position. As well as the legal rigmarole, there's changing addresses, utility providers and the moving itself. There's the fear of losing or damaging possessions in transit and your whole life is upside down and out of boxes for ages.


Ok, so building doesn't come without its stresses, that's for sure, but with many extensions, you can continue to live in your home during the works and don't have to deal with the massive faff outlined above.


It is possible, that by the time you've factored in estate agent fees, conveyancing, movers, time off work etc, that an extension may be on-par or even cheaper than moving! Even if it isn't, the real value is in being able to stay in an area you've settled and not having the associated stresses of moving. Best of all, if you're reading this article you know someone who can sort it all out for you too!

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