Changes to planning fees and related applications

In light of new Welsh Government amendments to Town and Country Planning Regulations we like to keep the public up to date on the potential costings for their future projects.

The amendments will be made to fees for applications and deemed applications and site visits in Wales and will come into force on the 24th August 2020.

The amendment summary includes:

  • Fees for planning and related applications will be subject to a general increase of
    approximately 20%. 
  •  The upper limits and caps to fees have been increased by approximately 4%;
  • Fees for Pre-application services will remain the same.
  • A fee of £230 will be introduced for applications relating to Certificates of Appropriate
    Alternative Development.

If you're thinking of starting any projects that may need planning, make sure you budget using the new amendments!

Old Fees vs New Fees

Old Fees VS New fees

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