Clean Sweep: Considering Chimneys and Flues

Clearly not just a twee decorative feature, chimneys need careful consideration whether on new build or refurbishment. Planning & Heritage considerations are one big factor, but today, we'll be focussing on the Building regulations aspect, as covered by Approved Document Part J (AD Part J).

AD Part J covers the steps needed to ensure that gasses and smoke from appliances can be discharged safely. This is especially important when considering traditional roofs such as thatches and shingles which could light up the night sky if installed incorrectly. Designers and installers need to ensure that flues and chimneys terminate at the right height, are structurally stable and sufficiently seperated against other structural elements.


If you're within a car width (2.3m) of a neighbouring building then there are further considerations. Typically this involves increasing the height further which can complicate planning or heritage requirements (which I said I'm not going into today!) in particular for built up areas and in-fill sites. Plus, the taller the chimney, the larger it needs to be, so you don't want to be considering this at the last second.

Further Information

Full details can be found in the various building regulations (J & A in particular). You can also get creative guidance and advice from your friendly local architect!


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