Extending Your Home? Setting Up Gas & Electricity In A New Build

It’s amazing to have a house extension as it can change the spacing of your entire house, further increasing its overall value. But, there are several caveats that we often overlook while extending. With the increase in space, you are eventually increasing the amount of energy consumed in your home which may skyrocket your electricity bills.

Therefore, it’s vital to invest some time in properly setting up energy in a new build in your extended home. Consulting Switch Plan to get your energy processed smartly in your new build is a good option.


Why You Should Keep Energy Efficiency In Mind While Planning For Extension?

First and foremost, keep in mind your energy efficiency while you are still on the stage of designing. Having a design that is energy efficient is a great way to save on bills and contribute to the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases. The right suppliers will leverage advanced tools to provide the most efficient energy for your home extension. This is accomplished through active and passive conservation measures, and the proper providers, such as Octopus Energy.


How to set up energy in a new home?

When planning to extend our home, several things need your attention. One of which is  energy installation. While you're extending, make sure you hire a reputable energy supplier. 

Setting up energy is a long process. You have to install your gas and electricity metre, figure out the fuse and trip switches, identify what tariff you are on, and more. An energy supplier firm makes this easier for you. They use their expertise to handle all the things required in setting up energy in your new home. 


Alternative energy resources

Installing devices like solar panel systems for energy and a heat pump for home heating are great options for alternative energy resources. A heat pump is a good home heating solution due to its high energy efficiency. Since it has a high upfront cost, not everyone would prefer this.

You can still build a gas or oil tank if heat pumps aren't an option for you. However, given the high volatility of oil and natural gas costs, as well as the overall trend toward a cleaner energy future, we encourage looking into renewable energy sources.








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