Home Office Pod or Extension?

We've been receiving oodles of enquiries for home offices pods in gardens or extensions for home working. So what's the best route? Each option has it's positives and negatives and will very much depend on the site specifics, but we'll consider some of the key points in this article.

Home Office Pods

Quick, easy and hassle free! These can be a great option for anyone looking for a quick and stress free option. There are many companies out there with off-the-shelf solutions that in my opinion look like carbuncles, but do bring delight to many. The companies that provide these often resolve planning and other requirements too, making it a very simple process.

The major downside is that you don't tend to get a lot of bang for your buck. These spaces are really expensive for what they are. Furthermore, you get what you get. Despite a catalog of choices, they are finite and won't be a bespoke solution for you, your home or your area.


Unsurprisingly - the architect's favourite option! Far more cost effective than the pod, you can get exactly what you want, budget allowing. This can also be tied into your home meaning you don't need to get soaked on your way to work on rainy days!

There are however downsides. This can be a far more stressful process, although hiring a chartered architect will help with this. The process of design, planning and construction will also take much longer than plonking a pod in your garden. Finally, when you do eventually move home, you can't take your pod with you, but there is the potential for it to add value or salability to the property.

If you're considering building an extension to your home why not contact us now for professional guidance and advice.

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