How do you show plans to the visually impaired?

Since we launched our 3D printing service last month, we've received a lot of interest from across Wales, but the one that piqued our interest was from one of our existing clients, Roger Rees-Evans. Having lost his sight, up until now Roger couldn't fully understand the designs we've produced for his home. Thanks to the 3D printer, however, he might finally have the opportunity to understand our proposals. We set about printing a 3D model of his home and his extension in separate parts so that we could show his home as it is and how it will be.

Andronikos, our Part I Designer, took the design to Roger's home to see if our little experiment would prove useful or not.

We're pleased to say it was a tremendous success!

Roger was able to identify each of the rooms, doorways, windows etc and to follow the scale of the proposal. Thankfully, he also liked the design!

Our fond hope for the future is that this will allow us to bring our designs to more people and make design more accessible for everyone.

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