How to choose an Architect

The architect is commonly the lead consultant on any construction project, responsible for coordinating the design and construction information in order to ensure your dream is delivered. Consequently, choosing the wrong architect can be a costly and painful experience.

Are they an Architect?

Would you use an unregistered plumber to fix your boiler? Probably not.

Architects spend many years training in order to qualify and be able to register on the architects' register. Follow the link and search for them. If they're not on the list they're not an architect. You can also use the register to search by town/postcode, so this can be a great way to find an architect near you.

Are they Chartered?

Chartered architects are registered with the Royal Institute of British Architects who have their own searchable list of architects. You may prefer to hire a chartered architect as they are bound by a professional code of conduct and have committed to delivering the highest professional, ethical and best practice standards in architecture.


Ask someone you trust. There's nothing better than hearing from someone who's worked with them before. They can share their experience, good and bad, so nothing beats a recommendation.

Do you like them?

Meet with them to discuss what you're seeking to achieve and see if you get along with them. All architects are different and have different styles. If you don't gel, it's not likely to be a smooth project, especially if their style or personality clashes with your own. Do you have the confidence in them to deliver what you need?

Are they available?

As the saying goes, "if you want something done, ask a busy person". Are they available to get your project done in the time you need, or are you willing to wait to make sure you have the right architect for your project.

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