Pros and Cons of Self-Build Homes

Building your own home is the ultimate DIY project, but it's a lot more than that, it can be the height of aspirational living, the fulfilment of a childhood dream or ensuring your getting the exact home that you want. Whatever your motivation, it's a lot of work and one of the most stressful things you can possibly do in life. Today, I'll be running through the pros and cons of building your own home.

Pro: It's awesome!

For anyone who's played around with Lego, or anything where you create a virtual environment like Sims then self-building is where the real world comes to meet you. You can indulge your creative bug in a meaningful way with lasting outcomes and finally shape a little bit of the world around you as you see fit.

Con: It's terrifying!

Where do you start? It's just a smidge more involved than that flatpack you put together by following those instructions you ignored surely. Not knowing where to start is common, obviously we'd suggest you start by speaking to an architect, but many people like to source a plot first before giving us a ring.

Pro: Do What You Want

Again, this is where you can have exactly what you want. Typically, it's more storage, because new build homes 'never have storage' and oodles of natural light wherever you can. A good architect will guide you to achieving what you want rather than focusing on the negatives of what can't be achieved. Stay positive and aim for your ideal home. The main restraint is the cost!

Con: You Have No Idea What You're Doing

Well, given the total minefield that self-build can be, the best place to start is by speaking to an Architect. We can explain the process and give you creative guidance and advice, explaining and guiding you through the whole process.

Pro: It's a Family Experience

Done well, building your own home can be an amazing experience to draw the whole family together and create the home of a lifetime.

Con: It ends in divorce!

Done poorly, self-building destroys marriages. I've seen it happen many times, so before you start, make sure you've got a strong relationship that can endure testing times.

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