Renovate not Relocate

Why go to the expense and stress of moving when you could extend your current home? According to figures from the BBC, the credit crunch has resulted in people moving home half as often as they used to. ¹

The Cost of Moving

This is unsurprising when considering the expenses that are occurred when moving home. Unless you're a first time buyer, Stamp Duty now kicks-in at £125k, then there's the valuation fee, surveyor's fees, legal fees, estate agent's costs, removal costs and possible mortgage costs. Not only that, but you may find that you need to undertake maintenance and repairs in your new home which typically cost around £6k.²

The Cost of Building

A modest extension to your existing home can cost as little as £10k - £20k, so it's already a cost effective proposition when balanced out against the associated costs of moving home. Furthermore, you know your area and neighbours (for better or worse).

Won't I have to Move Out During the Build?

We often get asked by clients if they can stay in their home during construction. In most cases, this is achieved in a fairly straightforward way; Simple extensions can be built onto your home and then knocked-through at the end resulting in minimal disruption. You also needn't worry about builders tramping mud through your home to use the loo as most professional contractors will bring their own welfare facilities to site, thereby leaving you in relative peace!

How do I start?

At Darkin Architects we provide an initial consultation at our own expense where we can provide you with some initial guidance and advice to see if an extension is the right fit for you. You've nothing to lose, so why not call us now on 01554 778 730 or 02921 197 196.



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