Top Tips to Save Energy In Your Home

Following the news of the pending Energy Cap rise in October, we thought we'd share some tips to help homeowners with their energy bills.

1. Check Out Your EPC

Despite it's many flaws, your Energy Performance Certificate is a great place to start. Your EPC not only lists the current make-up of your home, but also provides advice on possible opportunities to improve it's energy efficiency.

Click here to find your EPC

2. Search for Government Grants

If you've got an EPC, you can use this tool to search the UK Government's website to see if you may be eligible for support from schemes such as the Boiler Upgrade Scheme or Help to Heat Grants.

Click here to see if you may eligible for a funding support

3. Insulate Your Loft

Heat rises! A great way to keep the heat in and heating bills down is to heat your loft space if you can.

4. Review your Energy Supplier

Depending on your own circumstances and when you read this article, it may or may not be a good idea to review your energy supplier. We get our energy from Utility Warehouse and find their personal approach refreshing.

5. Install LED Light Fittings

Traditional lights are extremely inefficient. Modern LED light bulbs are significantly more efficient and last a lot longer so can represent a noticeable saving on your next electricity bill.

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