Why always Carmarthenshire?

Planning and Building Control are very different. Case and point, you have the option to go private with your building control. Many of our clients ask for us to work with Private Building Control Inspectors and we happily do so. Where our clients get confused is with the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) because we work with Carmarthenshire, irrespective of the location of the site. Seriously, everywhere. Not just Swansea or Pembrokeshire, but even for our ongoing projects across the bridge in Coventry or Swindon.

Why? Because we partnered with the LABC in 2006 (see clipping at the bottom of the article). This long established partnership not only discounts the building regulations fee a little, but also provides an ongoing relationship helping to make the whole process easier. The physical inspections are always undertaken by the local authority where the site is physically located, but under the partnership scheme the plans can be checked anywhere, so we stuck to home. We may have spread out from Llanelli, but we've built up a great relationship with the council's building control team and we look forward to continuing to work with them for many years. The net result is managed expectations as we won't be surprised by their interpretation of the regulations and therefore we get a much quicker and more efficient service for our clients.

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