Making your office work for you

Here at Darkin Architects we understand the importance of creating the correct environment to develop and sustain your business. Having developed three of our own offices across South Wales, we provide a service that caters to the client and assesses the practical requirements and personal requirements to highlight the values and ethos of the business.

We have an established history of working with commercial and retail businesses. Helping them achieve everything from simple refits to the 'wow' factor that will impress their customers. We believe that our experience and development through customer feedback has allowed us to successfully work together to make the desired outcome.

Covid 19

Need to implement social distancing in the workplace? Our team can provide all the creative guidance and advice needed to support your workplace operations during the pandemic. This can include revised furniture layouts, screens where necessary and travel path analysis using the latest 3D building software.



Shown below are some examples of the projects we've completed in the Offices category.

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